AC Automatic Line Voltage Regulators from Ashley-Edison



Ashley-Edison AC Automatic Line Voltage Regulators provide a cost efficient and reliable way to ensure a stable mains supply for mission critical / sensitive applications.



With our wide manufacturing base and the outstanding reliability of our servo-mechanical and solid state Line Voltage Regulator designs, our AC Automatic Voltage Regulators are on duty throughout the world - facing some of the most rigorous and demanding environments.


Every AC Voltage Regulator solution we offer is backed by the unrivalled experience we have gained in world markets over the last 25 years or so. In that time, our unique design innovations have set new performance levels and the breadth of our offering has broadened to accommodate the needs and ever demanding requirements of our growing Client base.


The AC Automatic Voltage Regulator Options

General Commercial & Industrial ProductsRugged Industrial Products
Single & Three Phase - 1 to 1500 kVAThree Phase - 100 to 3000 kVA
 Servo Mechanical AC Automatic Voltage RegulatorsServo Mechanical Outdoor Type IP54 AC  Automatic Voltage Regulators Solid State Transductor AC Automatic Voltage RegulatorsMagnetic Induction  AC Automatic Voltage RegulatorsOil Cooled Magnetic Induction "Brushless" AC Automatic Voltage Regulators
1 to 1500 kVA3 to 1500 kVA2 to 200 kVA100 to 300 kVA500 to 3000 kVA
SES / SESL - AC Automatic Line Voltage RegulatorsOSES - Outdoor AC Automatic Line Voltage RegulatorsPEN - AC Automatic Line Voltage RegulatorsMVS / MVSI - AC Automatic Line Voltage RegulatorsIVS / IVSI - AC Automatic Line Voltage Regulators
Single & Three Phase - Standard Servo Motor (SES) design. SESL models supplied without Input Breaker.Single & Three Phase - Standard Servo Motor (SES) design.Single & Three Phase - Solid State Transductor type design.Three Phase - Air Cooled Magnetic Induction "Brushless" design - with Independent Phase Control.Three Phase - Oil Cooled Magnetic Induction "Brushless" design - with Independent Phase Control.
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Learn more about the differences in voltage regulator design types offered - Electronic Servo - Transductor - Magnetic Induction
NEW - Outdoor and Indoor Voltage Compensators

Rack Mount Voltage Regulators - SES single phase models now also available in rack mount format - 3 to 15 kVA

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