automatic voltage stabiliser

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1: How Much Maintenance Is Required?

What you’re looking for is a “Plug-and-Forget” voltage control solution that continues to work as you would expect it to – no matter the volatility of your incoming voltage supply.

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Choose a Voltage Regulator that requires minimal maintenance (ocular), or even a virtually maintenance-free design (magnetic induction design).

2: Do I really need to know Voltage Regulation Accuracy when it comes to my electrical load?

Depending on your application, precision voltage accuracy is essential for mission critical electrical equipment and high value sensitive electronics to consistently operate at peak performance.

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Servo Electronic Voltage Regulators deliver stepless and highly accurate voltage regulation of up to ±0.5% – compared to Static Tap Switching designs that offer only ±5% voltage accuracy.

Need Help Complying With Voltage Drop Requirements?

For Transmission Cable Projects, overcoming excessive voltage drop with conventional methods of using multiple sets of cables often take up a huge portion of your project budgets – making it challenging to keep your electrical design competitive.


Instead of having to comply to stringent voltage drop limits, imagine getting to make your own rules and only having to provide for requirements of up to -40% voltage drop… What would that look like for your project budgets?


You’d be enjoying maximised savings of up to tens of millions dollars on cable costs.. or at the very least, given that competitive edge in securing your million dollar M&E project.


Optimise your electrical design with voltage drop solutions that ensure your project stays on point, and on budget.


Small Cables, Huge Savings.

Purposefully designed with the sole intention to eliminate high inherent voltage drops, Ashley Edison’s Voltage Drop Compensators solve this by significantly boosting low voltage at incoming supply, to its optimal set output value – while maintaining it continuously and automatically, regardless of load change.


This results in a massive reduction of electrical power cables, enabling you to enjoy substantial cable cost savings – and complying to voltage drop requirements.

automatic voltage stabiliser

Comply with Voltage Drop Requirements

Ensuring ±0.5% Constant Output Voltage Accuracy

Reduce Expensive Cable Costs

Ease of Cable Installations





Find Out How National Grid Operators Successfully Overcome Voltage Drop Problems With Ashley Edison Solutions

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